In defense of SGA officers

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To the editor:

As Western Alumni and former Student Government Association office holders, we feel the need to speak out concerning Nick Todd’s remarks in the August 24th Herald. As students who served with Todd in SGA, we are dismayed by his lack of integrity in this matter. His actions since last spring have left many who severed with him dismayed, and done considerable harm to SGA.

During our years of service in SGA, we witnessed considerable ‘petty politics’ and mudslinging. However, Todd has taken this to a new level by smearing honorable members of SGA rather than taking responsibility for his actions. The hardest hit in this smear campaign has been Jessica Martin. Throughout our time in SGA, Martin was one of the hardest working and most honest members of SGA. Not one to be partisan, she consistently worked with members of both sides of issues to achieve results. She worked behind the scenes and did work that achieved big results but got little ‘glory’ for herself. She is one of the most dedicated student leaders on campus and an asset to SGA.

Todd’s use of his much delayed resignation, just prior to an almost certain impeachment, as a forum to take parting shots at those who had to deal with the discovery and aftermath of this scandal is despicable. Todd did not offer any explanations concerning the facts of this matter. Instead, he chose to lash out with baseless accusations and groundless attacks. The students and this University deserve better, and we are confident they will get that in September.


Dana Lockhart

2004 graduate from Hendersonville TN

former Judicial Council Justice

[email protected] (270-320-4117)

Brandon Copeland

2003 graduate from Bardstown KY

former vice-President of Administration

[email protected] (207-837-3206)

Matthew Pava

2004 graduate from Bowling Green

former IT director

[email protected] (217-721-4170)