Crime Reports

• Tammy K. Price, Morgantown Road, reported Friday a large tree limb on top of her 1996 Pontiac Grand Am Nextparked in the 15th Street Lot, causing $500 damage.

• Bowling Green Fire Department was called to Keen Hall on Friday on a false alarm. No damage was reported.

• Trish A. Jaggers, Women’s Studies Center, reported on Aug. 16 broken glass panes in the door of the Women Studies Center amounting to $200 damage.

• Thomas W. Keith, assistant director of the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation and external affairs, reported on Aug. 16 petty cash amounting to $100 missing from Diddle Arena, Room 1125.

• Greg Fear, Facilities Management, reported on Aug. 16 three support poles broken in a Student Government Association tent on the Student Plaza. Damage amounted to $400.