Political Vandals

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If people want to express thier political views and get positive results, they should discuss them with others, organize peaceful protests, devote time to causes, hand out information, hang posters, etc., etc. That’s what makes our political process great. Vandalizing and defacing property is NOT a part of the American political process. Now, I’ll admit, I’m an ardent Bush supporter, and my vote this Nov. is locked. So, the Guthrie and library vandals get an extra demerit in my book. But even if the thier actions had been against Kerry or someone else, I’d still be just as disappointed.

All said, if vandalizing university property is a honorable political tactic in the minds of pro-Kerry or pro-change people on campus, I feel even better about my support of Bush. So, in my case, the vandals’ actions produced a result entirely opposite of what they desired, and furthermore, I’m sure I’m not the only Bush supporter who was emboldened by thier stupidity. The moral of the story? Vandalism and gross negativity in general have no place in politics, and those who use it may find thier cause defeated.

Philip T. Campbell

Elizabethtown, KY

Senior Pol. Sci./History Major