Yee-Haw! All the dorms are finally open

Any freshman who desired to live on campus this semester was granted his or her wish and handed a key to unlock the infamous dorm room, and unlike last year, there are still rooms to spare.

For the first time in four years, every dorm is open and operating after an early construction completion of the $45 million dorm renovation project created to provide air conditioning and other luxuries like new furniture and carpet to the dormitories.

It is a true success for the university, to have the dorms fully operational and improved. The plan seemed to take forever to some, but now that it is complete campus living is exponentially nicer.

Last year the construction and an unexpected surge in Western’s enrollment caused several students to live in hotels and on couches until an off-campus home came around.

Kit Tolbert, director of Housing and Residential Life, estimated that at least 100 students were left homeless last year. She said the number could have been higher, adding that many freshmen could have just started to look for apartments after hearing the dorms were at maximum capacity.

Tolbert said the renovation completion opened up about 400 beds, putting Western at full strength in the bedding department.

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