Crime Reports


• Christopher S. Manley, Tower Drive, was arrested Saturday for driving with an expired license plate and expired driver’s license. He was released from Warren County Regional Jail Monday on a $1,000 unsecured bond.


• Matthew D. Kocel, Munster, Ind., was arrested Saturday for driving under the influence. He was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on $668.85 cash bond.

• Jacqueline Chalay Rawls, Old Nashville Road, was arrested Friday for DUI. She was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on $600 unsecured bond.

• Nancy Leigh Henegar, Springfield, Tenn., was arrested Friday for DUI and failure to illuminate headlights. She was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail $600 unsecured bond.

• Emily A. Howard, Banyon Drive, was arrested Friday for public intoxication. She was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on time served.


• Lisa Eaton, Dollar General Store, reported Monday that two subjects purchased large amounts of cold medicine at the store on Nashville Road.

• Selim E. Ecemis, Chestnut Street, reported Saturday four males in a jeep harassed him and threw a necklace at him when he was walking down Normal Drive.

• Katie M. Shore, Barnes-Campbell Hall, reported Saturday that someone damaged her driver’s side power mirror worth $250 on her 2002 Pontiac Grand Am while it was parked in Pearce-Ford lot.

• Katie B. Winters, Barnes, reported Friday $750 in damage to her 1999 Honda Passport parked in Pearce-Ford lot.

• A fire alarm in Bemis Lawrence Hall was triggered Monday by burnt cookies in the second floor kitchen. There was no damage or injuries.

• A female in Barnes-Campbell Hall, reported she was assaulted by another female.

• Emily W. Suiter, Pearce-Ford Tower, reported Sunday her laptop and accessories worth $1,889 stolen from her 2003 Toyota Echo while it was parked in Poland lot.

• Jessica M. Harris, Zacharias Hall, reported Friday her purse worth $40 stolen from the Zacharias Hall lobby.

• Martina D. Smith, Scottsville, reported Friday her pain medicine worth $7 stolen from her purse while it was in the supply closet on the second floor of the Downing University Center.

• Miwon Choe, Shive Lane, reported Thursday someone stole her camera worth $600 from a classroom in the fine arts center.

• Finley C. Woodard, Winter Crest Court, reported Thursday her gift card worth $15 stolen while she was at South Campus.

• John P. Blair, Crown Ridge Court, reported Thursday someone stole his parking permit worth $65 from his 1998 Toyota Avalon while it was parked at Basil Griffith Park.

• Craig Sutter, campus police, reported Wednesday the stop sign at Grise and Virginia Garrett Avenue worth $50 stolen.