Another “Sad” Letter

[email protected]

It’s a sad day when students get so riled up about butt shorts? Please remember that you are the ones who printed it in the first place. Such “silly” soft topics garner attention because of their shock value regardless of how important they really are. Yes, it would be ideal for students to write in about more important and controversial topics, but we are in BOWLING GREEN KENTUCKY, on a not very proactive campus. I know we would all like to be idealisitc and think otherwise but it’s just a fact. People write letters in reaction to what YOU print. So if you didn’t want “silly” letters about a topic you deem not important then why did you print it in the first place? And just for your knowledge, I attended the March in Washington DC that you ran an article about on the front page. And I wrote an editorial about “butt shorts” too. So yes, I care about important issues alongside supposedly “non important” ones. But I don’t think you realize how many issues the butts shorts commentary actually highlighted… It was not just about “butt shorts”.It featured an attitude found in deeper, more relevant issues involving men and societies views of women. If I’m told not to wear certain things on my body, who’s to say I won’t be told what I can and cannot do with or to my body? And it’s very close to not being just “who’s to say” . It’s close to becoming reality. Hence the march. Also, the view that women aren’t supposed to be wearing ceratin things because they cause lustful thoughts in men is eerily close to the “she asked for it” mentality of sexual harrasment and assult. I’m going to assume you understood that I was making connections with the butt shorts to other issues in my letter to the editor, and that’s why you gave it the title you did. But it’s rather rude and hypocritical to print three well written letters in your paper and then put alongside it an editorial cartoon that bashes them. If they are that sad then you shouldn’t have printed them, nor the article in the first place. I’m not looking to get this letter printed, I just wanted to express my irritation with the whole thing. I feel passionate about many unsilly, unsad, controversial and important issues. We are all used to articles and opinions about controversial topics. When they appear in the media they do not shock us because they are important and it’s natural for them to be printed. It makes sense. But when some silly, stupid, and neanderthal article about butt shorts is printed we react because it’s so out of place and unnecessary. It boggled my mind that you ran such a thing. So I had to write. It’s as simple as that.

Jackie Alexis Brown