Letter to the Editor

Column was unfair to Horn

I have a real problem with Keith Farner’s column (April 15, “Horn had his chance, now he has to go”).?You said that longtime fans and students all agree that Coach Horn needs to be fired. This statement is completely and unreservedly false. No Hilltopper fan that I’ve spoken with has said Coach Horn needs to be fired.?I would be interested in knowing the research and polling you did before making that bold statement.?

I am a longtime fan and I fully support Coach Horn.?Everyone I’ve talked to supports Coach Horn.?In fact you are the only one that I know of that doesn’t support Coach Horn and thinks he should be fired.?That is your opinion, I can respect that; but don’t allege your opinion to be the opinion of every fan, when it clearly isn’t. You obviously have no clue what the opinion of our fans are.?

I would suggest you give Coach Horn a real “chance” to succeed.?Let him recruit the players he needs and coach a team that fully understands and can execute his style of play.?Firing Coach Horn after one season is absurd.

I hope for your benefit when you get out of college and get a job that people will be more understanding and lenient of you in your first year than you have been of Coach Horn. This is embarrassing coming from the Herald. I would have expected better support from our own student publication.???

Jeff Baynham

Western alumnus

Bowling Green