Crime Reports


•Will Hurt, York Corp., reported April 7 someone stole an all-gear pump worth $500 from the main mechanical room of the Environmental Sciences and Technology Building.

•Harold T. Little Jr., Grider Pond Road, reported April 7 someone pried the hood emblem worth $200 off his 2002 Mercedes Benz while it was parked in Grise lot.

•Lisa M. Eaton, Dollar General Store, reported April 7 two women shoplifted $24 worth of merchandise from the store on Nashville Road.

•Tenia Johnson, Bates-Runner Hall, reported Monday she hadn’t received a card sent by her mother on March 18. The card contained $50.

•McKenzie York, Bates, reported Monday she hadn’t received two letters sent by a friend on March 17 and April 7.

•Erin M. O’Conner, Bemis Lawrence Hall, reported Monday someone stole her parking decal worth $65 from her 1996 Honda Accord while it was parked on Regents Avenue.

•Jessica B. Simpson, Banyan Drive, reported Monday she was assaulted with a soft drink can by a female at south campus.

•Lee McKinney, campus police, reported Saturday finding a broken cement planter worth $108 in front of the directional halls.

•Jeanne Lady, housing and residence life coordinator, reported Friday a microwave fire in Northeast Hall. There was no damage to Western property and there were no injuries.

•Lori L. Kostuik, Cox Thomas Road, reported Friday a driver nearly hit her while she was having the man’s 1999 Kia Sephia towed.