Joey Keeling

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On Jan 16, 2004 my son passed away suddenly with a defect in his right ventricle chamber of his heart. Know one knew Joey had this till his passing. He left behind so many friends from WKU, he was 22 yrs old and had graduated from WKU in Dec. 2004. He and a few other young men started a chapter of Ducks Unlimited through WKU. Below is the story that has touched my family and so many from folks from Bardstown KY that go on line and read your paper. I just felt I needed to share this story with you.

On April 28, 2004 , wku in with ducks unlimited had a fundraiser for the scholarship for Joey keeling fund. I have received several college heights foundation cards for those who have made a donation. As Joey’s mother I am so proud of this group of young men. I am so proud of this honor that the young men of ducks unlimited have honored Joey with….. I am told the money raised will go to one lucky person who applies for this and attends western Kentucky college… they had talked about this just a few days after Joey had went to a better place. It says alot about how he was loved and thought so much of. I guess i never thought much about how many lives he had touch as such a young age. it also say alot about the kind of friends he ( had/has. ) still very difficult for me to use the past tense.

when this group of young men put their heart and soul in anything they do, it effects all of us. I am proud of each and every one of them, as they were my own.. I still get calls from the guys and they stop by the house alot. This group of young students at wku are making sure that Joey will be remembered thru this scholarship, and that means so much to our family. The family at wku was and has been the best. I could not of chosen a better college my self for my son. This says a great deal about the staff. The accomplishment that these young men have already made in the scholarship fund is so touching. I know in my heart it doesn’t matter to them ,that they are doing this for Joey. On the other hand, I’m sure their parents would like to see all the hard their sons /daughters have put into this. The chapter will decide who the scholarship is awarded to, but wouldn’t it be awesome if someone from Bardstown was chosen?

So often we here of the bad things teenagers do, but I am here to tell you there are many good ones in Bowling Green and Bardstown.

Thanks for time and letting me share my story with you and the WKU family

Marty Keeling (Joey’s mom)

Bardstown, KY 40004