KRS 164.515

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I am writing this letter requesting your help in my pursuit for tuition reimbursement from Western Kentucky University. The Kentucky Revised Statute 164.515 specifies that as a condition for eligibility to waiver of tuition that a child of a disabled war veteran must be over the age of seventeen (17) and under the age of twenty-three (23). I became eligible in 1990. I was eligible for a “Certificate of Entitlement for a Waiver of Tuition” while I attended school at WKU.

I attended WKU Spring 1993-Summer 1999. My family struggled and experienced financial hardship during my quest for a bachelor degree. I took off one semester, in Spring 1995, to move to St. Louis with my father. There we waited and prayed for a donor so he could receive a double lung transplant. He received his life saving transplant April 7, 1995.

I re-enrolled at WKU Fall 1995. I applied for a student loan, to assist with my tuition. I was never informed of the program by the VA Coordinator located in the Student Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs Department. I changed my major at WKU on five (5) different occasions and my Student Advisor(s) never informed me of the program.

The VA Benefit Coordinator in Louisville, Kentucky has informed me that all Kentucky Universities have been informed to cooperate and provide retroactive tuition reimbursement to students that were eligible.

I was advised to present my letter from the Kentucky Department of Veteran’s Affairs to WKU. I have contacted Schella Smith, VA Coordinator, 1 Big Red Way, 317 Potter Hall, Bowling Green KY 42101 at 270-745-3732. Schella and her supervisor, Cindy Burnett has informed me that WKU will not comply.

My father passed away December 13, 2003. My father fought for what he believed in and for our great country. I am very proud of all of his efforts and accomplishments, and he always stood up for what is right and did not take “No” for an answer. He always said, “If you don’t ask the answer is already No.”

So I am asking for your help in this matter. I appreciate that you took the time to hear my plea. I am desperately seeking any information or assistance you may be able to offer.


Carrie A. Umensetter

10401 Trotters Pointe Drive #204

Louisville, KY 40241