More on the butt shorts

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Personally I merely didnt pay attention to the article on women wearing WKU across their backside until I noticed the letters to the editor on Thursday, this caused me to go back and read the article that spawned this attention.

I was appalled first that the Herald would even publish such rubbish, then just enraged with Jackson’s suggestion to “weed out the young ladies who shouldn’t be wearing them to begin with.” Then he goes out of his way to assure us that he has nothing against over weight people.

Though I don’t wear the “butt shorts” in question, speaking as an over weight young woman, I don’t think anyone should tell me what the hell to wear. If you don’t like what you’re looking at, why do you keep looking? Has anyone asked Mr. Jackson that?

Maybe next Jackson will come up with the idea that young women with large breasts shouldn’t wear shirts with something wrote across their chests. If this is the case, tell him not to look my way.. it might offend him either by the large chest or my being slight overweight.