Save ‘Soul Grooves’

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Dear Editor,

I am responding to Amber North’s editorial on the campus radio station’s show “Soul Grooves”. I am a Senior at Western Kentucky and I have listened to Revolution 91.7 ever since I was a Freshman(when it was still New Rock 92). When I walked up the hill for the first time during Master Plan, I heard Public Enemy being blasted from Speakers on the South lawn. Ever since then I have been a daily listener of the campus station. Since I work late, I have the oppotunity to listen to specialty shows while I work or study. After reading your article in the Herald, I too was disheartened to hear that Soul Grooves was being taken off the air. I make requests by phone to the station sometimes, so i thought it wouldn’t hurt if I went as far as to call the station and talk to staff about it. It turns out that it is discussed by the staff, and they go over the applications for shows thoroughly until a decision is reached.

I have to say that I listen to the Punk of Ages, and I love that show because of the hilarious back and forth from the hosts, and great music that I personally don’t think Revolution plays all day long. I don’t remember hearing the Ramones in regular rotation. And did you know that they are the longest running specialty show in the history of Western Radio? Speaking of which, I heard the radio station play Van Hunt the other day, and it was the middle of the day.They’ll play the music you want to hear if you call in and request it. If it seems to you that Revolution plays too much of a certain kind of music, then you can change that. They take requests all the time. So call them, and tell them to play it, and it’ll most likely get played within the next 10 minutes. So Ms. North, I only wish to say that if you don’t want to listen to something, then don’t listen to it. Finally all things are so simple.