Kappa Sig Got the Shaft

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Hmm…Kappa Sig disqualified at this year’s Spring Sing? Interesting. The crowd loved thier performance above all and gave them a standing ovation before the intermission, and they had the most points at the end of the little shindig, but somehow, “they just didn’t sing well enough.” Audio particulars aside, Kappa Sig deserved top honors, and everybody knows it. Maybe there was a little bias and conflict of interests among the event’s overseers, maybe they should’ve let the judges do thier job, or maybe it was just fate. Who knows? Then again, the outcome of this year’s show should come as no real surprise – one of the fraternities or sororities unfairly gets the shaft every year at Spring Sing, right? Anyway, I just wanted to voice my distaste and console the fellas at Kappa Sig. You boys should’ve had it.

Philip T. Campbell


Elizabethtown, KY

Phone #: 2201