Campus police get new captain, sergeant last week

Beth Wilberding

As campus police continue their search for new police officers, they have made two internal hirings.

Kerry Hatchett was promoted to patrol captain and Joe Harbaugh was promoted to sergeant, effective last week.

“They were promoted because they deserve it,” campus police Chief Robert Deane said. “They are the appropriate people to fill vacancies.”

Hatchett, who has been at Western for seven years, said he is excited about his new position.

He will be working with the same officers as he did previously, but will now be responsible for an entire patrol division.

Harbaugh, who started his Western career in 2000, said he will be taking more of a leadership role as a sergeant but will continue to work as crime prevention officer.

“I was doing the job for the last year, and it was re-classified,” he said. “It means more of an administrative role.”

Harbaugh said he is looking forward to doing “more diverse” training with officers.

“I’m looking to expand more of our programs,” he said.

Two things he wants to focus on are the police escort service and the student patrol program.

To be promoted in campus police, there are requirements that an officer must be able to fill before he can be considered for a promotion.

“First of all, you have criteria,” Deane said. “They’ve been with the department so long, done a good job with what they do. Then we say we’re opening for promotions. Anyone qualified is welcome to put in a resume.”

Applicants then go before a board for their interview. The board, which consists of both police officials and others, rates the candidates on their performance of their current job and how well they think the candidate will perform in the new position.

The board decided whom to promote based on the ratings they give them.

Deane said there are different time requirements for different ranks to “make sure people have experience.”

Campus police are hoping to promote three more people – two sergeants and an investigations captain, Deane said.

Harbaugh said his promotion was a reflection of the work he did with other officers.

“More or less, I’ve kind of been promoted because of the hard work of everybody,” he said.

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