The price was right for one Western student

Catherine Melvin

Bowling Green junior Evan Goad knew he would be in the audience of the popular game show “The Price Is Right” on his spring break.

But he never imagined that his name followed by the phrase “Come on down” would make him $20,000 richer.

The journey began March 22 when Goad, Woodburn junior Adam Wheeling and Josh Daniels, a graduate student from Hendersonville, Tenn., arrived at the CBS studio in Los Angeles at 5 a.m. They waited in line but soon found out they were four people short to enter the studio.

“We were not going to give up and we were determined to get into the show,” Wheeling said.

That night they slept on the sidewalk and when the studio doors opened, they were ushered into a room for a quick interview. The interview determined who would be chosen for contestants’ row.

“Josh and I were really nervous and kind of gave the interviewers straightforward answers,” Wheeling said.

When the taping of the show – which airs Monday – finally began, Goad’s name was the second name to be called for contestant’s row.

“We all just started going crazy,” Daniels said. “You see those people on TV and don’t think that it is exciting, but the excitement is already there and you don’t have to create it.”

Goad was the closest bidder on patio furniture and advanced to play the first game called 3-2-1. He lost that game but still won $1,000 by using two spins to collect a dollar at the wheel.

With his winnings, Goad plans to buy a new digital camera, equipment for photojournalism classes and tuition next semester.

In the showcase showdown, Goad’s opponent passed her showcase of a camper, home gym and sofa to him.

“I wanted to bid $20,000 on the showcase but I was so sleep deprived and delirious from the night before that I said $16,000,” Goad said.

The crowd booed at his decision and Goad smacked his forehead with his hand. But his bid was closer and in minutes he was celebrating with the Barker beauties.

Goad said he plans to sell everything but the couch. That’s going in his new apartment.

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