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Open Letter


Dear Honorable Government Leader, Insurance Commissioner, Mayor, Governor, Attorney General, Senator, President:

Your constituents are now at greater risk in times of disaster because their authority has been eroded. It is my hope for the future to counteract this rather insidious undermining. However, much more is needed than a single-handed effort. I could use a little help here please. Your involvement would be much appreciated. How may I serve?

Much the same as how the tobacco industry is now required to provide advertising that educates and protects the public, the insurance industry could be required to set aside a substantial portion of its advertising budget to educate and protect its policyholders who are already paying for the company advertising anyway. Also, individual governments could benefit as publishers of this information, instead of the current situation that places the burden on consumers to educate and protect themselves with only the book industry profiting as middleman. Please see for book material.


Disasters (hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) and what happens to the public after the dust settles.

Your Call

the power to determine

…When buying and selling property it is clear who is the buyer and seller. A seller would never relinquish authority over to the buyer. Just imagine, you let the buyer take over your say to determine what you get paid and set the terms of the sale. That would seem downright daft, even to a child. Yet it is now our lot and needs serious questioning. A claim is the right to say, “This is mine and this is what I’m entitled to because of this, that and the other.” It is the basic, intrinsic right and authority that we have, be it in the sale of property or in presenting what is owed on that property, unless and until we negotiate and settle…Full Article:


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