Is Lindsay Sainlar for real?

[email protected]

Please tell me that her column was a joke. Correct me if I’m wrong but April Fool’s Day has unfortunately passed. This is the most incoherent, violent assault on my intelligence that I’ve ever experienced. How could you allow her to pee in the corner of my precious Herald? I only wish I was in her world. When did frozen Snickers become part of Easter? What happened to good old fashioned egg hunting? Isn’t Easter a religious holiday unrelated to a rabbits missing in action testicles, and his sex drive? Can someone please show her the english section of the Fall Bulletin, so that poor child can learn TRANSITION, internal and external flow, and for crying out loud, how to write a title to coordinate with the article. How could this horrific, scathing article follow a story about real love in “raising Alexis?” I’m a computer information major and can put together a decent article.

In conclusion, please don’t put her on the front page of diversions again. If anything divert her the liquor adds, because she has definately took a few too many shots to the head. On a positive note if you are looking for a new columnist, then look no further, you found the man for the job.


Maurice L. Spaulding