Remembering Autry

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The events in Poland hall last year were indeed tragic. I know. I was there. I stood among the fifty or so other individuals while our dorm spewed smoke from the second floor and while Katie was pulled from the building. No one has forgotten. I can respect Ms. Jackson’s concern for friend and former roommate, but I disagree with the statement saying that the herald isn’t covering or hasn’t covered it well. I do recall a special section in the paper, I believe at the beginning of this year (first semester) that was dedicated to the events surrounding Ms. Autry’s death. It has also been covered quite a bit in the herald (the trial updates). What more can they say? Many people are trying to move on with their lives. To find comfort in their memories that they shared with her while she was here. They don’t want that incident dredged up time and time again. We have not forgotten Ms. Autry. I know I haven’t. Even though I didn’t personally know her, I too am still reminded of that tragic day, May 4, 2003.

Robert Ashby

Louisville sophomore