a thousand words Beyond the Hill

Wiqan Ang

“Judge Hamilton’s office, this is KB,” Khambang Sibounheaung said.

Sibounheaung said ‘KB’ stands for Killer Bee, with a laugh.

Sibounheaung arrived in Nashville as a political refugee on Dec. 4, 1975.

He escaped Laos after communism took over. During the Vietnam War, a secret war was waged between communist forces and American bombers who breached the Laotian neutrality. KB fought with the Americans as a solider in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

After 12 years in the Tennessee National Guard, KB has risen to the rank of colonel. Behind him are his certifications from the military.

Today KB heads the Laos Nationalist Reform Party from his home in Nashville to lobby against the communist government through diplomatic channels. Though banned from the country, his goal is to bring democracy to Laos. As president of the party, he organizes charity and builds hospitals in Cambodia.

KB has been working as a court official at the Metro Courthouse in Nashville for 12 years. Outside the courts KB is a leader in the Laotian and Cambodian communities.

For more information, log on to the Web site, www.laonationalistreformparty.com.

Wiqan Ang is a senior photojournalism major from Singapore. He can be reached at [email protected]