Katie Autry Remembered

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It’s amazing what people forget in a years time. Or perhaps it is not that people forget, maybe they just choose not to remember. Katie Autry, for example. She was brutally murdered one year ago in the presumed “safe” confines of her residence hall one year ago May 7. Weather you believe that the University is partially to blame or not she was killed on this campus. Yet there is no article in the Herald, no memorial, no anything. You would think that the University would feel some sort of moral obligation to the memory, the friends, and the family of Katie. It’s almost as if it never happened. Almost. Maybe you just didn’t know her, but if you had you would no doubt feel the anger and pain that those of us who did, do. I have to remember Katie and what happened to her every day of my life. I think the University could take at least one day to do the same.

Her Roommate,

Danica Jackson

Radcliff sophomore

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