Reality Makeover

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I am so tired of reality TV! Especially the new one called, “Extreme Makeover”. What is our society doing that is wrong? The answer is reality TV, specifically the show mentioned above. We have a show that says that if you are overweight or don’t like the way your nose looks and even if you have bags under your eyes when your forty-five that it’s ok to have it fixed by a surgeon. That’s like saying you don’t like yourself because you are doing something that is natural, aging. For those that are overweight and think that going and getting lipsuction done is the solution, WRONG!! Instead, get up, and go exercise and eat right. That is always the best thing for you. Don’t be lazy, that’s why our country is the way it is and shows like “Extreme Makeover” are saying to go about losing weight the lazy way, surgery. Then they are telling us that having bags under our eyes is wrong because we don’t look like we did when we were twenty. For those that think that surgery is the solution, use your head, be happy with you who you are. Go out and get exercise and eat right. It’s what doctors say is the best medicine. Eating right and exercising can change your outlook on life. You just have to be patient and in an impatient society that can be hard. Still, “Extreme Makeover” should be removed from the air because it sends the wrong message to the majority of people that watch TV, teenagers. For those of you that disagree that is ok. This is strictly my opinion.