Letter to the Editor

Western needs common sense

For a period of about 45 minutes to an hour Thursday afternoon, I watched traffic of 40-plus cars come to a standstill while Western had a parallel-parked car towed. It made me wonder how the person who decided to tow the car continues to be employed, having apparently poor judgment and no connection with reality. I sympathize with the car’s owner and the tow truck driver, but not the people who felt they had to tow the car immediately.

God forbid it stay there a little while longer. Instead of merely fining them a little more – it already had a ticket on its dashboard – they wasted Western’s money towing the car and 40-plus drivers’ time. The driver showed up, and instead of getting him to move the car and giving him a citation, they waited for the towing to finish. After that, the tow truck parked and continued to block traffic for a little longer while Western’s officials chatted with the driver.

These actions show incompetence in the parking staff, and their general disregard for students.

Rafe Heltsley

White Plains senior