Letters to the Editor

Remember Autry

It’s amazing what people forget in a year’s time. Or perhaps it is not that people forgot, maybe they just choose not to remember. Katie Autry, for example. She was brutally murdered in the presumed “safe” confines of her dorm, one year ago May 7.

Whether you believe that the University is partially to blame or not, she was killed on this campus. Yet there is no article in the Herald, no memorial, no anything. You would think that Western would feel some sort of moral obligation to the memory, the friends and the family of Katie. It’s almost as if it never happened. Almost.

Maybe you just didn’t know her, but if you had you would no doubt feel the anger and pain that those of us who did, do.

I have to remember Katie and what happened to her every day of my life. I think the University could take at least one day to do the same.

Danica Jackson

Radcliff sophomore

[Editor’s note: Jackson is Autry’s former roommate]

Not all views are tolerated

Since starting school in August, I have learned a great many things – how long certain items can stay in your fridge, that there will always be somebody awake at your hall, how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop and the many tidbits of knowledge that my professors have tried to squeeze into my thick head. But one of the most important things I have learned is that college is not everything I had expected.

I came to the university with the impression that college was a safe haven for free thought, and that I would be tolerated and accepted no matter what beliefs I held. Now, at the end of my first year, I have come to realize that I was wrong.

I have learned that all views are welcomed, so long as they are not conservative. If you are, you are closed minded.

If you have faith, believe in God and read the Bible, you are considered an ignorant and shallow human being, a fanatic and a “Bible thumper.” If you oppose gay marriage and abortion, you are a bigot and do not respect the rights of other people.

I have been tagged with all of these labels and more this year. It is sad to think that those who claim to be tolerant are perhaps the most closed minded of all.

Tim Wade

Russell Springs freshman

What should women wear?

I know that everyone has been in a tornado frenzy about the all the different stuff about school and the end of school, but here’s my question – why does Kevin Jackson hate shorts so much? Sure, girls wear them from time to time, and occasionally they have words or silly school acronyms on them, but does that deserve a bunch of hussy fussy? In my opinion, it doesn’t. If Kevin Jackson thinks that every girl should never wear shorts again, then what does he want them to wear, sweatpants? Two words: it’s hot. Hey Kevin, the equinox just called, and guess what — summer is on his way, and there is no stopping him.

While Kevin’s commentary was completely ludicrous and insane, it had one redeeming quality – it finally ended. That was the best part. I only wish I could have back those three minutes it took to sludge through his smelly and stinky commentary. But everyone knows you can’t go back in time unless you have a time machine, or unless you can fly around the world and spin it backwards like Superman does in Superman 2. Unfortunately, I’m no Superman; I’m only a human being. A human being who happens to love shorts.

Talk about an obsession, this guy is obsessed! Kevin had better quit harassing WKU shorts, or else shorts will get his older brother “WKU pants” to pay him a visit. And I wouldn’t want to be home when “WKU pants” came knocking on my door. No sir, I wouldn’t want to be home. So next time anyone wants to tell me, or my favorite boo how to dress, think about this – don’t!

Matt Jackson

Murray senior