Letters to the editor

‘No place’ to question

Whoever authorized Kevin Jackson to ramble on about his dislike of “butt shorts” (April 20, “Women shouldn’t wear WKU butt shorts”) should be punched in the brain.

The commentary was also poorly written. I’m sure he had quite a few coquettish giggles writing the word “butt” over and over again. Such prurient material would make anyone giggle, right?

He has no place questioning the motives behind wearing this ever-so-delicious piece of attire. I know I’m going out on a limb, but how many silky-haired, golden-skinned girls does our friend meet? I guess he tells us to “picture this” because we couldn’t possibly ever see it happening in real life.

Kevin, friend, buddy, I implore you, look the other way instead of crying about what a girl chooses to wear. The weather is hot and her legs are beautiful. That’s all the reason she needs to prance around gleaning stares.

If any girls are thinking about supporting Kevin’s ridiculously juvenile theory by purchasing a pair, I suggest yellow mesh. We men get a better look.

Oops, sorry, Kevin. I mean “guys.”

Jeff Tetrreault

junior from Fairfax, Va.

Commentary was ‘horrible’

I am exceedingly displeased with the horrible commentary Kevin Jackson wrote. First of all, if an opinion is going to be stated, let it be an intelligent one. I heard a quote once that went, “It is better to let people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right.” Jackson might need to hear this quote.

Second, Jackson really needed to re-examine his argument. If he is so tired of seeing girls’ butts, an admirable request for a young man, he needs to aim at all short shorts, not just the “butt-broadcasters.” There is just as much booty hanging out of the jean and khaki shorts as out of our spirited WKU shorts. If he is going to pin the problem on just the WKU shorts, why not come right out and blame the bookstore for selling them?

Third, please have some respect and some tact. Rules of common courtesy ask people to respect the choices of everyone, even if they are overweight. The way Jackson singled out larger girls who wear WKU shorts after he had already made his point and condemned the shorts in general was rude and unnecessary.

I do commend Jackson for desiring to keep his eyes pure this spring, but I do not appreciate the way that he expressed his opinion.

Yes, I do believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion and even to express it. But just because you can does not mean you should. Please, do not waste our time with any more derogatory and disgusting commentaries.

Angela Bennett

Las Vegas freshman