Letter to Editor about “butt shorts” piece

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In response to”Women shouldn’t wear ‘WKU butt shorts'” By Kevin Jackson

There are so many pressing issues on this campus, in this country, around the world, and you chose to use three columns and countless words for Jackson’s “Butt Shorts?” He doesn’t understand “why some girls think

they have to show some cheek to get attention”? I suggest he take a look around at TV, magazines, and pop stars. We are all bombarded with images of scantily clad women getting attention. Some girls have actually come to believe that that’s what it

takes, just as some believe a quick mind or a bright smile garners attention. BUT, not all girls wear butt shorts, or other revealing clothing like that “just to turn a few sex-crazed guys heads”. Yes some do. But don’t generalize us all. Nor are we solely responsible for your “not-so-good, lustful thoughts.” They are your responsibility. We don’t ask for them when we wear certain clothes. It’s up to you to deal with them properly. We may contribute to them, but that shouldn’t be a reason for me to cover up parts of my body. I’m wearing a short skirt right now because it’s warm and the sun feels good on my legs, I like the way it looks, and it’s my choice. If it happens to turn you on or you don’t think it looks good on me, that’s your problem. I didn’t ask for it. And I didn’t wear it for you. Jackson tries to redeem himself by saying some girls will look good in Eskimo suits, that they don’t have to wear revealing things. But it shouldn’t be about what they chose to wear or don’t wear in the first place.

Yes it’s a tad bit too long. Sorry!

Jackie Alexis Brown


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from Louisville, KY