Play opens in FAC tonight

Lindsey Thurman

When “Baby with the Bathwater” opens tonight, don’t expect an endearing story about an infant’s first bath. Instead, bring your dark humor and prepare for a wildly hilarious performance.

Director Scott Stroot, theatre and dance department head, said the play, which opens at 8 p.m. tonight in Russell Miller Theatre in the fine arts center, will feature Western’s Department of Theatre and Dance.

“Baby with the Bathwater” follows the life of Daisy, a baby boy who is mistaken for a girl by his clueless parents.

“I found the story attractive because it helps people recognize themselves,” Stroot said. “The play deals with humor and ridicule and these are things everyone can relate to.”

It may be a sharp satire, but there is something sweet about the characters, Stroot said.

Playwright Christopher Durang takes his audience on a dark-but-funny ride through the bizarre life of Daisy, played by Nashville sophomore Vince Villescaz.

As Daisy becomes aware of his parents’ mistake, he begins searching for a new identity. Daisy finally becomes a father himself, determined to right the wrongs of his parents, John and Helen.

The play has some “really insane” characters, said Glasgow junior Abby Wells, who plays Helen.

Wells said that in order to get into her character, she had to forget her preconceived notions about taking care of a baby.

“This person is not a normal mother,” Wells said about her character. “One minute she is cooing and the next she is screaming. It takes a lot of concentration.”

Although the audience’s reaction is expected to be filled with laughter, Stroot said the play may not be for everyone. It is not advised for young children to attend.

“It’s just extreme,” Villescaz said. “But I think the audience will be able to relate to it because everyone has family members a little like these people.”

The performance will run through Tuesday playing at 8 p.m. with the exception of 3 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets cost $8 for general admission, student and senior citizen tickets cost $6.

It is preferred that tickets be purchased by reservation at 745-3121.

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