News Briefs

Black Western tonight

The 33rd annual Miss Black Western pageant is at 6 p.m. tonight in Downing University Center Theater.

The show is meant to promote black women in a positive setting since they weren’t when the pageant debuted.

The pageant is sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.

There will be 14 contestants competing in three segments consisting of spring wear, talent and evening gown and personal narrative. They will be judged on poise, creativity, talent and other categories.

The winner will receive a book scholarship.

– Keith Farner

Senior wins laptop

Taking a test gave Marion senior Chasity Belt a new laptop computer.

Belt was randomly selected out of the 87 Western seniors who took the College Learning Assessment test and National Survey of Student Engagement last November at Helm Library. The online tests were given to determine how much they had learned over their college career, Institutional Research director Bob Cobb said.

Belt was awarded the laptop when her name was drawn out of an Easter basket Tuesday afternoon outside Provost Barbara Burch’s office.

Each person who took the test received meal certificates for Downing University Center’s Fresh Food Company.

The prizes were incentives for taking the tests on a Saturday, Burch said.

The NSSE survey focused on time spent doing college work, including working on projects, reading books and completing papers.

– Bobby Harrell