McCaslin plans to get part-time staff involved

Lindsey Reed

One-third of Western’s staff voted in Wednesday’s election that elected six new members to positions on the Staff Council.

The election was held through TopNet.

A total of 417 staff members voted in the election, Staff Council Chair Elizabeth Paris said.

“People are getting more familiar with it all the time,” she said.

There were 288 votes cast last year, but there were only two of the five categories up for a vote, she said.

Fourteen staff members ran for a seat this year.

James McCaslin, resource coordinator for the extended Glasgow campus, won the only professional non-faculty seat.

McCaslin said he has worked for the university for five years, and was thrilled to win a seat.

He has ran unsuccessfully for an office on the council before.

“I felt like the Susan Lucci of the Staff Council,” he said.

McCaslin said he plans to get part-time staff involved and bring awareness for staff at the university’s extended campuses.

“Our part-time faculty and staff make us,” he said. “I want to make sure their needs are met.”

There were no nominations for the part-time seat.

Lauri Warden and Charles McCoy won the secretarial/support seats.

McCoy, purchasing office associate, said his goal on the staff council is to make the university as efficient as possible.

Robert Zoellner, Tina Sneed and Chester McNulty were elected to the technical/skilled/service/maintenance seats.

The newly-elected members’ two-year terms will go into effect on July 1.

The new members will be invited to the council’s retreat in June, Paris said.

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