Crime Reports


•Nancy Leigh Henegar, Springfield, Tenn., was arrested Friday for DUI and failure to illuminate headlights. She was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on a $600 unsecured bond

•Emily A. Howard, Banyon Drive, was arrested Friday for public intoxication. She was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on time served.


•Lisa Eaton, Dollar General Store, reported Monday that two subjects purchased large amounts of cold medicine at the store on Nashville Road.

•Selim E. Ecemis, Chestnut Street, reported Saturday four males in a jeep harassed him and threw a necklace at him when he was walking down Normal Drive.

•Katie M. Shore, Barnes-Campbell Hall, reported Saturday that someone damaged her driver’s side power mirror worth $250 on her 2002 Pontiac Grand Am while it was parked in Pearce-Ford lot.

•Katie B. Winters, Barnes, reported Friday $750 in damage to her 1999 Honda Passport parked in Pearce-Ford lot.

•A fire alarm in Bemis Lawrence Hall was triggered Monday by burnt cookies in the second floor kitchen. There was no damage or injuries.

•A female in Barnes reported Sunday she was assaulted by another female.

•Emily W. Suiter, Pearce-Ford Tower, reported Sunday her laptop and accessories worth $1,889 stolen from her 2003 Toyota Echo while it was parked in Poland lot.

•Jessica M. Harris, Zacharias Hall, reported Friday her purse worth $40 stolen from the Zacharias Hall lobby.

•Martina D. Smith, Scottsville, reported Friday her pain medicine worth $7 stolen from her purse while it was in the supply closet on the second floor of the Downing University Center.

•Miwon Choe, Shive Lane, reported Thursday someone stole her camera worth $600 from a classroom in the fine arts center.

•Finley C. Woodard, Winter Crest Court, reported Thursday her gift card worth $15 stolen while she was at South Campus.

•John P. Blair, Crown Ridge Court, reported Thursday someone stole his parking permit worth $65 from his 1998 Toyota Avalon while it was parked at Basil Griffith Park.

•Craig Sutter, campus police, reported Wednesday the stop sign at Grise and Virginia Garrett Avenue worth $50 stolen.