Series teaches interview tips

Lauren Sanchez

Some say a first impression is unforgettable, but when it comes to a job, it could prove invaluable.

That was a recurring theme Tuesday at Downing University Center where 13 students attended the Career Service Center’s monthly series called “Making the Right Impression.” Career counselor Philip Parker gave students tips on how to have a successful interview.

“The first few seconds that that person meets you, they start forming an impression about you,” Parker said. “That’s what interviews are about, seeing if there’s that fit between you and the company.”

Parker conducted the lecture and question and answer discussion, which lasted about an hour.

Parker talked about several factors that contribute to the success of an interview, including appearance, body language and research.

“Employers will tell you that research is easier now than it ever was because of the Internet,” Parker said.

He said that employers are impressed when a potential employee knows significant information about the company, such as who the “key players” are and what products the company makes.

Parker also emphasized the need to practice for interviews.

“The main thing about practicing is that it gives you a chance to self-evaluate,” he said. “Self-assessment is gonna serve you well throughout your career, but it’s also gonna help you in an interview.”

He also said nonverbal communication, is a “large part of the message we send.”

Bowling Green graduate student Dana Goatley attended the series for a class. She said the series made her think of all the mistakes she has made in past interviews.

“I have trouble with researching and knowing enough,” she said.

The next event sponsored by the Career Services Center is the spring job fair, March 11 at South Campus.

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