Lindsay Sainlar, alcoholic?

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So first just talking about drinking… and more drinking wasn’t good enough for Ms Sainlar, now lashing out at the students who disagree with her column is. How beautiful it must be to have a column to throw a temper tantrum in when people disagree with you or point out disturbing behavior.

Granted I was not the person who put up the fliers. But guess what I am? The daughter of an alcoholic and I myself, used to have problems with drinking. I still do to some extent, people often still tell me they worry about me etc., but I am doing better. Nonetheless…

This brings me to my next thought, she grabs a beer to cope with the fact people were calling her an alcoholic? Right. I was also amused with how she had to flat out state she isn’t an alcoholic, I grinned to myself thinking ‘well denial can be a problem.’

To further whether Ms. Sainlar would like to hear it or not, binge drinking — you know where you drink so much you call ex’s at 3 in the morning or you get to the point of drunk you pee in your pants or black out – can become a form of alcoholism. You do not have to drink every day to be an alcoholic, but always consuming it in large quantities or drinking just to get drunk is a very big problem. I’m not saying that she is an alcoholic, but she’s painting a scary picture.

She defended writing these things as claiming that “they happen.” Yes, they do so does alcohol poisoning, drunk driving accidents and many other horrid things from drinking too much.

She’s right, no one forces me to read her column, however every time I do I’m let down in the Herald for picking someone who is blatantly not writing funny things for the former Super Picks space. For the past 4 years at WKU I have looked forward to reading that column and all the people before amused me greatly. Now I’m just reading about how funny it is be out of control and her enjoying her ‘freedom.’

Amanda Ortega


New Albany, Ind.