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Title: Sainlar’s Honesty is Inspiring

Like many people recently, I’ve taken notice of the Lindsay Sainlar controversy. It is upsetting to me that there are many at Western who want her to stop writing. Her column has always been a source of amusement to me.

My first impression of Sainlar’s column was that it was clever satire. I believed she had taken on the persona of the binge-drinking college party girl in the most stereotypical manner possible. I didn’t take seriously her outrageous stories that ranged from topics such as when she urinated on herself to her habit of making drunken phone calls. I mean, come on, it was called a “Humor Column” right? It was very amusing to think that someone had a paid job writing columns when the only thing they knew to discuss was binge drinking week after week. Her expressed belief that her lifestyle was common to most college students was also amusing, as I had never experienced anything of the sort during my four years at WKU.

It is clear to me now that both readers of the Herald and Sainlar take the column seriously. Nobody seems to know the best way to respond to her column so allow me to clarify this situation for everyone.

WKU is becoming a very diverse campus. I didn’t even know people like Sainlar existed outside of poorly written MTV shows, but now that I know there are people who live like Sainlar does, and I would like to think I am more enlightened because of that. Everyone should learn to respect diversity.

Also, all Herald readers should respect Sainlar’s honesty. It takes a lot of guts and a complete lack of shame to admit to living an embarrassing lifestyle. Besides, in this reality TV culture we love to let our brains rot while we learn about the foolish antics of others. What will she write next?! Tune in next week…

Finally, everyone should realize that Sainlar’s column empowers women. She writes whatever is one her mind without regard to anyone else’s opinions. Also, with rape being so prevalent at Universities, college women need a role model to look up to when they become drunk and go to frat parties.

You may not agree with Sainlar’s lifestyle but that doesn’t make you special. It is time for us all to stop criticizing her and to spend our time praying that she will write something clever or insightful in her next column. She needs our support now more than ever.

Jason Dudgeon


Louisville, Senior