Mel Gibson’s Puppets on a string

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Puppets on a string

Dear Editor:

Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion” has caused quite a stir among the church leaders. In my opinion he played them like puppets on a string. When they cried out against “The Passion,” Mel pretended to have second thoughts about releasing his movie. But actually he was just giving them more rope. By this he encouraged more of them to stand before the TV cameras and condemn his movie, arousing the curiosity of more and more people, not understanding that they were saving Mr. Gibson millions in advertising dollars. His movie grossed him one hundred and twenty-five million dollars in the first five days of its showing. What did the church leaders get out of it, egg, maybe? Could he have made a commercial that would have produced as much curiosity not to mention the revenue?

One pastor put a sign on his church that read, “The Jews Killed Jesus.” Really, can any man, Jew or Gentile, kill God? Yeshua (Jesus) declared that no man could take his life, but he laid down his life of his own free will. (John 10:17)

The church doesn’t have a clue to what’s going on, they don’t even know what day Christ was crucified, or what day he was resurrected, so how can it possibly judge the movie? The church says Christ was arrested Thursday night, or early Friday morning and resurrected on Sunday morning, how ridiculous! It’s plainly written in the Scriptures, for anyone who cares to read them instead of listening to man’s traditions. He was arrested late Tuesday night (using today’s reckoning of time) and was resurrected early Saturday morning on the Sabbath.

Christ was crucified sometime before noon (the sixth hour) on Wednesday, the day the Passover lambs were being prepared, that’s why it was called “The” preparation day. Not to be confused with Friday the “weekly” preparation day.

Wednesday was the preparation day for “The” Passover Lamb; and the first day of unleavened bread was drawing nigh, i.e. the first Sabbath (High Day) of The Passover would begin at sundown. (John 19:31)

Christ gave up His life about 3 P.M. on Wednesday. They had only about four to five hours to get his body into the tomb before the High Sabbath began. Please don’t confuse the High Sabbath with the weekly Sabbath.

Thursday was the High Sabbath; Friday began the count of forty-nine days, plus one to make fifty, which brought them to Pentecost, again on a Saturday (Sabbath). (Lev. 23:15-21, Acts 2:1)

His body was put in the tomb Wednesday afternoon; He arose from the dead early Saturday (Sabbath) morning. Christ said he would rise on the “third day,” as he was speaking of the “third day” of the feast of unleavened bread. And Saturday (Sabbath) of that peculiar feast was the third day; Christ arose from the dead early Saturday morning, it being the Lord’s Day, and He being the Lord even of the Sabbath. (Matt. 12:8)

Maynard Mayton

Corbin, KY.


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