The Cash-In of the Christ

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The litter problem on campus has increased dramatically over the past few weeks. Sadly, this abundance of scattered rubbish is largely due to promotion for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” In fact, it seems virtually impossible to escape posters touting the film; I’ve even seen them blowing about in the streets. Yet, the real travesty is not the environmental havoc caused by this extensive campaign, but rather the ideology behind it.

Initially, I was convinced the popularity of this movie was simply a commendable resurrection of religious and spiritual devotion. Now, however, I cannot help but feel it has bled into near idolatry with the production of promotional jewelry, church donations being used for marketing, and religious groups buying out cinemas. Monetary exchange seems to be the underlying cause of it all. Indeed, the religious right has created a golden calf that they are enthusiastically plating because they assume promoting the film also promotes Christianity. Unfortunately, this assumption is radically flawed. Christianity is not about megaplexes, dramatic scoring, and bloody gore, but rather Christ’s message of compassion, forgiveness, and anti-materialism. I’m not saying the movie isn’t worth seeing, I just find it sickening that all the money and energy church groups could use for charity or promoting the actual teachings of Christ is being wasted on marketing a film with remarkably little to do with Christ. Consequently, they’re succeeding at nothing but lining Gibson’s pockets and crucifying Christ’s message. Not to mention trashing up our beautiful campus.

Jared Pflum

Connersville, IN