Save your whining for what’s really important

Amy Roberts

So I attempted to do a column last semester on style. To my dismay, it was short-lived. I suppose it’s believed students devour the redundancy of articles on budget cuts. Sigh. I want to thank the readers who read my few attempts to crack a smile on the study-worn faces of Western who still ask me at Wal-Mart and Baker Boys, my homes away from home, when I’m going to write again. To all six of you, I’m here today with a single commentary. Don’t expect talk of style though.

Somewhere between last semester and the current I went from 1 p.m. classes to 8 a.m classes. Baseball caps are the only accessory I’m wearing these days. Money is scarce, though oddly enough I do have a job. I haven’t even been in a mall since December. Kids, I’m clueless about fashion this semester.

I find my knowledge elsewhere though. The art of whining comes to mind. I never do it. Never. Ask anyone who knows me. Actually, don’t. I hate pessimism, but a few whines here and there never killed anyone. It’ll bug the hell out of some, but won’t kill them. I overhear whining everywhere. It seems people on the Hill fret the most over school and relationships.

People, you don’t pay for school simply to learn how many beers it takes you to burp straight through the lyrics of “Brown Eyed Girl.” OK, so your parents may pay for you to learn that. Point being: school equals work. Get over it or become a fashion major. (I know I just pissed off 200 girls and a few guys). Hey, I’m a fashion major and occasionally work my butt off, so simmer down; I’m simply being facetious.

Regarding relationships: guys and girls come and go. We all know that. Enjoy them while they’re in your life and if it ends, no bad-mouthing and complaining. John Mayer on waiting to find someone said – God help me for being so college cliche by quoting him – “He’s out there, she’s out there, they’re just learning what to contrast you against.” The preppy boy presents a nice thought.

If we’re going to whine, it should be over something decent; like why we don’t have a happy hour bar in the Downing University Center lobby. That’s something worth putting that $250 million towards which Western may win a share of after taking away the loving icon of Italian children.

I still find it feasible to cry over parking. Don’t misunderstand, I thoroughly enjoyed shelling out $60 for parking tickets last semester. See, there’s plenty of valid things to whine about. It’s just a matter of separating the petty from the important stuff.

Take note, no complaining comes from this mouth while I’m in good company with a drink in my hand. So I’ll see ya’ll out tonight. Feel free to whine a little today, but remember it’s easier to enjoy life when you aren’t looking to find something wrong with it.

Amy Roberts is a junior textiles and apparel merchandising major from Owensboro.

This commentary does not reflect the views of the Herald, Western or its administration.