column’s content excellent

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Im a freshman, and usually dont concern myself with the “goings on” around campus. But there are some things which cannot be ignored. For example, the persecution of lindsay Sainlar. I think Lindsay’s column is funny, provocative, but most of all, honest. It takes alot of courage to tell a story which you know might bring ridicule. Half the things i do while drunk, i can barely face up to in the morning, much less publish for thousands of readers.

Im sure that this column is not all that great for those readers who do never drink, never watch television, and have never lived anywhere where there were mice, but it hits pretty close to home for the rest of us. If you dont identify with this column, dont read it. I dont read about the swim team, but i dont complain when i see an article.

The content of this column is, like it or not, based on real life. these things happen, and are hilarious when they do. I love the fact that we have a newspaper that is willing to print not only sports and the latest news on parking, but the times we will remember the most. As Lindsey put it, the last of our freedom.