Fed up with HRL

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For the past two summers I have worked at a hotel. My job was to make sure that the hotel’s patrons were satisfied with their room, since they were paying guests. Sure, I had to put up with some difficult people, but I accepted that as part of the job. My job was to make sure the guest had the best quality stay as possible.

I am alarmed at the developments with HRL. I live in Southwest Hall. I pay $1375 dollars a semester to live there. Yet, I am not satisfied with my stay and no one seems to care. I am treated like a criminal as I enter the lobby, I must show my ID, yet the person at the desk knows who I am. My roommate had a disciplinary meeting with the hall director at Southwest Hall for showing his drivers license instead of his Big Red ID card. This is utter nonsense! $1375 is too much to pay to put up with these irrational rules HRL has implemented.

I will not be living on campus next semester because living in the dorm has become like living in a prison. Once you enter the dorms at Western you can say goodbye to your constitutional rights. With housing rates increasing next semester, I can get an apartment cheaper than living on campus. I will receive better quality and a better living experience at an apartment, no doubt. I thought that when I paid to live in Southwest Hall I wouldn’t pay to live in a prison. This is what Southwest Hall has become to me. I did not get my money’s worth and I won’t be coming back to campus housing services. HRL should try to make life more hospitable in the dorms, not more deplorable.

Joel Peyton

Corbin, KY