Letters to the Editor

True meaning lost in film

Initially, I was convinced the popularity of this movie was simply a commendable resurrection of religious and spiritual devotion. Now, however, I cannot help but feel it has bled into near idolatry with the people producing promotional jewelry, churches donating money for movie marketing and religious groups buying out cinemas. Monetary exchange seems to be the underlying cause of it all.

Indeed, the religious right has created a golden calf that they are enthusiastically plating because they assume promoting the film also promotes Christianity. Unfortunately, this assumption is radically flawed. Christianity is not about megaplexes, dramatic scoring and bloody gore, but rather Christ’s message of compassion, forgiveness and anti-materialism.

I’m not saying the movie isn’t worth seeing, I just find it sickening that all the money and energy church groups could use for charity or promoting the actual teachings of Christ is being wasted on marketing a film that remarkably has little to do with Christ. Consequently, they’re succeeding at nothing but lining Gibson’s pockets and crucifying Christ’s message. Not to mention trashing up our beautiful campus.

Jared Pflum

freshman from Connersville, Ind.

Column needs better content

While I believe Lindsay Sainlar is an excellent writer, I feel her content needs improving. So far, the last four columns I have read have been about drinking, a television show and rats in her apartment. None have presented a problem, the opinion of the columnist, the opposing opinion and a solution, which make up an editorial or a column. Her style is great, witty and entertaining but it is my opinion that she choose a topic that is worth reading about.

Not everyone on campus gets drunk, and I believe it is in the general opinion of health experts that getting drunk every weekend could end your life. Now why would the Herald want to support someone who encourages drinking by setting it up to be funny? While funny things may happen while being in a state of drunkenness, most of the time it isn’t funny to sober people, including readers skimming the paper on a Thursday morning.

Dawn Winters

sophomore from Centerville, Ohio