Letters to the Editor

Students had ‘commitment’

I commend the political science students who agreed to help with the Clark and Southworth campaign for Bowling Green City Commission. Samantha Davis, Delaina Givens, Dana Beasley and Emily Fox took the lead in helping Clark and Southworth become active in the political process.

Samantha and her staff believe that it is essential for young people to get involved in their community and to become involved in decisions that will affect them now and in the future. That was their only motivation. Not for academic credit or a grade, but just the belief in civic engagement and a passion for politics.

They sought to merge the training and skills learned in political campaign management courses with real life experiences. It is rewarding and refreshing to observe such commitment.

So, it was with real regret that Clark and Southworth decided to fire Samantha as campaign manager and to not use the expertise of students who have the knowledge and experience to actually win this election.

Saundra Ardrey

Political science department head

Kerry not president material

The Democratic Party presidential primary is still playing out but it seems as if a front-runner has emerged. The candidates are an interesting group with eccentric, borderline and ambiguous opinions about several different things. For tax cuts across the board and against them; for free trade and against free trade; for the Patriot Act and against the Patriot Act; in favor of liberating Iraq and its 50 million people who now live free from tyranny and rape rooms, and opposition to it.

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry has opinions about all the above things. Kerry is living in a world inside his mind that does not reflect the ideas or the reality of a post-Sept. 11 America. For someone who has voted against every major defense issue since he joined the Senate in 1982, he now has the audacity to ask us to go to the polls in November and vote for him because he will protect America? How does that make sense? He said that he’s proud of his record. I doubt that. Even if he is proud of his record, every vote he has cast not only would have weakened our national security, but it is not the type of leadership needed at this point in time for our country.

President George W. Bush has successfully overthrown terrorist regimes in Afghanistan, ended a brutal dictator’s rule where he slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people and liberated millions more from death and oppression that was brought upon from the evil of that government.

Bryan Baise

Campbellsville freshman