Despite what mysterious fliers say, she’s more than meets the eye

Lindsay Sainlar

In case you haven’t seen or heard, someone has been hanging up fliers branding me as the new poster girl for alcoholism. He or she posted signs reading “You Might Be An Alcoholic If …” that listed 12 very obvious allusions to my column. They even called me “revolting” and “gross” and accused me of lowering their IQ.

At first I was in shock, then a little hurt and then just mad. And then I drank a beer and I started thinking about all the things I could write about in my next column – maybe sex, maybe drugs, maybe all the things in between.

Or I could write and explain to everyone out there that I’m actually quite normal and driven – not an alcoholic. I don’t think it’s cool to pee your pants and I really don’t think it’s cool to call ex-boyfriends at 3 a.m. I’m just saying that it happens.Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does. And if you were offended, that’s your prerogative. I’ll keep writing what I want to write because that’s what I do.

And no one is holding you down and forcing my column in your face. You don’t have to read it, and the fact that you are reading and responding makes me think deep down that you want to be my friend.

Maybe next time you can write me an e-mail when you don’t agree with what I write. You don’t have to hide behind an anonymous flier pointing fingers at things you don’t even know about and making me feel like I’m less of a person because I have the audacity to print embarrassing material about myself.

And just for the record, I’m not a drunk. I hardly have the time. I try hard in school, and I make good grades. I like to read books, I like to watch “Family Guy” and to wear slippers to the library, where I spend 60 percent of my free time. I have a job and a family who loves my column. And I grew up in a very disciplined home. I went to Catholic schools for 12 years where they made me study the Bible, wear predominantly white shoes and forever have my shirt tucked in. Their desire for conformity is probably where I get the drive to push the limits. I’m not a deviant. I just like to have fun when the time permits. My fun may be different from your fun, but that doesn’t make me the Antichrist.

And I’m sorry if I see college as the last of my freedom, as the period of life that comes before settling down and finding a full-time job that I’ll probably hate. I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. If you don’t relate to what I write, then obviously we’re different, and I think that’s the beauty of our campus – everyone is different.

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