parking on and off campus

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yes parking at the bottom of the hill is bad. paking on top of the hill is even worse. the one and only paking lot(lot c), which i was foolish enough to buy a parking permit for my first semester here, is always full. the university obviously oversells the spaces which intensifies the problem(but makes them money). a much more logical spot for a new parking deck would be on top of lot c. a multilevel parking structure in that location would accomodate students taking classes in many different buildings on top of the hill.(EST,TCNW,TCCW,CHERRY, etc.)

this brings us to parking off campus. most of us up here on top of the hill,whether we have a parking permit or not,are forced to park along the side streets. i have been amazed during the last three years i have attended school here, at the lack of parking skill and courtesey. every day i see parking spots wasted by people who have no concern for the next guy. often people take up two spots by not pulling up close to the bumper of the person in front of them. i also observe people parked far from the curb and sometimes at an angle to the curb. these are ticketable offenses in any real city where parking laws are strictly enforced by nessesity. next time you park your car, consider how you feel when you are late for class and you can’t find a space because someone else was inconsiderate. i think it would be better if we police ourselves rather than having to resort to asking the police to enforce the laws that are already in place. i’m sure the cops would be very happy to start writing more tickets and collecting more cash. learn how to park you hillbillies. if you ever go to a real city it might be a valuble skill to posess, and it might even help you avoid a ticket. a. smith