Views vary on how to celebrate

Emily Gries

Some people make a big deal about Valentine’s Day.

Some people spare no expense to show their love to their sweetheart.

Others don’t make such a big deal and make homemade cards.

Western students have various views of whether boys or girls make a bigger deal about the holiday.

“I make a bigger deal,” Hartford freshman Jaime Barrett said. “I’m the sweet one.”

Barrett said the holiday isn’t as big of a deal for her boyfriend, Hartford junior Andrew Cashion.

“I don’t think guys think about Valentine’s Day as anything but any other day,” Barrett said. “I have to tell him it’s Valentine’s Day and what to get me.”

Barrett spares no expense when it comes to her man.

“I was gonna get him a kitten, but he decided he didn’t want one,” she said. “I’m getting him a stuffed animal and little magnets to spell out things.”

Dawson Springs freshman Amber Royal said she probably makes a bigger deal. Royal and her boyfriend Brandon Chappell, who still lives in Dawson Springs, have been together for a year.

“He gives me flowers and chocolate,” Royal said. “But I don’t like chocolate, so he’s trying to think of something else.”

Royal said she got Chappell a chocolate model car because he races cars. And she also got him a stuffed animal that looks like their new dog. She also made him a scrapbook from all the times they have been together with movie tickets and pictures from prom and homecoming.

They plan on celebrating the holiday by eating at a Japanese restaurant in Paducah.

“I think he’ll probably just give me flowers and a Care Bear because I collect Care Bears,” Royal said.

Louisville sophomore Duke White said girls usually make a bigger deal, but not all the time.

“You always have those romantic saps that make a big deal out of it,” White said.

White said he had to make a big deal out of it when he had a girlfriend last year. He got her a dozen roses and one white one because his last name is White. His girlfriend got him a pair of Valentine’s Day boxers.

Campbellsville freshman Josh Landis already realizes the pressure he’s under to satisfy his girlfriend of two years, Campbellsville freshman Tiffany Gordon.

“I know if I don’t do something big it won’t be good,” he said.

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