Ad hoc committee may become permanent

Brian Wagner

The ad hoc committee created last semester to look at plus/minus grading and other issues may become a permanent part of the University Senate.

A proposal to make the ad hoc committee on academic quality a standing committee was presented to the senate at its Thursday meeting. It was one of eight proposed changes to the senate’s charter.

Three other proposals addressed improving the speed of proposal reviews by reducing the size of some committees and adding a copy editor position.

Senate Chair Doug Smith said changes proposed by the ad hoc committee would be better monitored if it were a standing committee.

The ad hoc committee, which will meet this afternoon, is discussing plus/minus grading, the add/drop policy and advising procedures. The committee will present recommendations on plus/minus grading to the senate next month.

“I was concerned that they might not get to all the items suggested for them by the end of the year,” Smith said.

The ad hoc committee was created at a senate executive meeting on Nov. 10.

Senate members also debated ways to shorten their proposal review process.

One proposal would remove college curriculum committee members from the University Curriculum Committee. Another would remove college curriculum committee members from the general education committee.

The proposal stated that the committees would be more efficient because it would be smaller and its meeting schedules could be more flexible.

But some members said the college curriculum committee members are needed on the UCC.

“Sometimes we need clarification when those proposals come up, and that’s what they’re there for,” Senate Member Claus Ernst said.

UCC chair Darlene Applegate said the committee is concerned about the proposal because it reduces its size to eight voting members.

The copy editor position was another effort to shorten proposal reviews. There is a “common perception” that UCC meetings are delayed because of copy editing, the proposal stated.

The proposals were submitted because the senate had to change the charter to add College of Health and Human Services to the faculty welfare and professional responsibilities committee, Smith said.

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