Kindsay Sainlar’s Article

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Dear Editor,

I just got done reading Lindsay Sainlar’s article in Tuesday’s edition (Volume 78, Number 37), and I have to say, it is grossly inappropriate. Nearly everyday, I see parents with their kids taking a tour of Western, leaving DUC. Without fail, one of the parents picks up an issue of the Herald. Is getting thrown out of restaurants and pissing yourself really how we want to represent Western?

Now, maybe it’s true, and maybe it does happen at college, but I should think that alcohol should be a latent dysfunction of the college experience, not something that is advertised in our own newspaper. I thought we all had a little tact in us. I mean, Western looks down on alcohol enough to make this a dry campus and even the Herald prints all the alcohol related incidents in the crimes section.

Is this what we want to show prospective students and their parents who are considering coming to Western? Now, maybe getting drunk and urinating all over the place is funny, I’ll even agree that it is, but do you really think that our newspaper is the best place to talk about it?

Chris Nowak



Louisville, KY