Letters to the Editor

Cuts have flaws

I think I speak for all of us here at Western when I say, “Budget cuts suck!” President Ransdell’s budget reduction plan contains several practical money saving ideas we should have applied all along, some unfortunate but expected cuts and a few surprises. Few here at Western will go unaffected by them.

President Ransdell deserves credit for tackling such a daunting task. I know I’m glad it wasn’t my job to come up with almost $6 million at the last minute before the end of the fiscal year. But while I recognize the necessity of these cuts and appreciate Ransdell’s efforts, I find it difficult not to be a little skeptical, if not outright angry, about certain aspects of the new plan.

Part-time faculty lost their only benefit last week. Formerly, part-timers were allowed to take one class per semester for free. Effective this summer, the waiver is eliminated. While I’m certain many will come up with the $666 to take one class every semester, many others, including myself, must cease taking classes altogether. Will this plan actually generate that much revenue for the university?

Dependants of full-time faculty will continue to receive a 50 percent tuition discount for up to six hours per semester. I don’t support the elimination of this discount, but it is extremely frustrating to find people who aren’t even employed by Western receiving more benefits than people who actually work here.

Barry Kaufkins

Part-time instructor

Tax will benefit

Big tobacco companies have almost entirely paid for me to attend this university.

My mother works for Brown and Williamson Tobacco Co., and almost every penny she makes goes to paying for my brother and me to attend college. I received a scholarship from B&W for children of their employees, and now, tobacco could not only help me out, but also all state colleges in Kentucky. This new tax could help fund universities, like Western, that had to make budget cuts.

So for you smokers, keep it up. It doesn’t bother me, it helps. Thanks a lot.

Jay Deskins

Louisville freshman