Letters to the Editor

Column provides laughs

After reading Lindsay Sainlar’s column, I was overcome with repulsion. My repulsion was, however, overcome with convulsions of laughter. Though she may not yet realize the reoccuring curse of some things you put into print, I applaud her for talking about something which I don’t think any other girl would place in a college newspaper. It’s nice to see a humorous weekly column back in the paper that we can “try” to relate to. We finally have a reason to read the Thursday issue of the Herald again.

Amy Roberts

Owensboro junior

Content of column not appropiate

I just got done reading Lindsay Sainlar’s column in Thursday’s issue and I have to say, it is grossly inappropriate. Nearly everyday, I see parents with their kids taking a tour of Western. One of the parents will probably pick up an issue of the Herald. Is getting thrown out of restaurants and pissing yourself really how we want to represent Western?

Now maybe it’s true, and maybe it does happen at college, but I should think that alcohol should be a latent dysfunction of the college experience, not something that is advertised in our own newspaper. I thought we all had a little tact in us. Western looks down on alcohol enough to make this a dry campus [Editor’s Note: Western has no formal campuswide alcohol policy. The dorms are dry.] and even the Herald prints all the alcohol-related incidents in the crime reports.

Is this column what we want to show prospective students and their parents? Maybe getting drunk and urinating all over the place is funny. I’ll even agree that it is, but do you really think that our newspaper is the best place to talk about it?

Chris Nowak

Louisville sophomore

Column is ‘filth’

After reading Lindsay Sainlar’s humor column on Feb. 12 (“Wet pants just part of being a college student – kind of”) I want to begin with a word of thanks. A special thank you goes to Sainlar for writing her column in the Herald last week about urination, drunkenness and down-right filth.

In her supposed humor column, was it a story Sainlar was telling? I honestly couldn’t get past all of the crude things she wrote about her friends and about herself while trying to be funny. Maybe she doesn’t realize that actions similar to the ones she described in her article caused 17,448 people to die in 2001 and an estimated 17,970 people to lose their lives in 2002 in alcohol related car crashes nationwide, according to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Web site. Their Web site also points out that one person is killed every 30 minutes and one person is injured every 26 seconds due to someone who has consumed too much alcohol.

How dare you make a mockery of Alcoholics Anonymous and then try to pass off careless actions with an excuse such as, “it was her 21st birthday, and nothing you do really counts on that sacred day.” Liberating experiences don’t come in the form of urinating on yourself and then waking up the following morning to not recall any of the circumstances. That’s just plain embarrassing and disgraceful.

Jonathan Vaughn

Bowling Green junior