Relationships change over time

Rachel Daniels

Relationships inevitably change over time.

The good and bad changes in a relationship depend on a couple’s situation.

For some, the change is positive. Some couples who have been together for a while are more comfortable with one another and can direct their relationship more easily.

Valentine’s Day seems to be a time to evaluate relationships and see where their relationships are going. The importance and method of celebration can indicate the comfort level in a relationship.

Kelley Coppinger, a professional-in-residence for the School of Journalism and Broadcasting, has been married to her husband Chuck Coppinger for less than five years, but the couple has been together for almost 18 years. Although they have not spent as much time together as they would have liked, they still enjoy just hanging out and staying in when they are together.

“We haven’t really talked about our Valentine’s Day yet,” Coppinger said. “We will probably end up cooking at home, renting a movie and doing homemade Valentines. It seems more romantic and sweet that way anyway.”

Because her husband knows about her love for gardening, her Valentine’s gift from him always involves a plant or flower for her garden.

The comfort level of the relationship may increase as a couple spends more time and develops a relationship with each other.

For a relationship that has seen less time, celebrations on Valentine’s Day might be different. Because they might not know each other as well, a certain level of excitement can exist.

Louisville sophomore Lateisha Manning and Radcliff junior T.J. Benson have been together for almost four months. They met through a campus organization and have been dating since the beginning of November.

This year, Manning and Benson will be celebrating by going on a double date with another couple.

The couple said little has changed over the duration of their relationship. They spend a significant amount of time together, including one shared class.

They said they have a low-maintenance attitude about their relationship as a whole.

“Nothing has changed so far,” Manning said. “We are still the same as we were in the very beginning. I don’t know what will happen or what to expect.”

Changes that occur in a relationship may either enhance a relationship or eventually end a relationship, depending on the change.

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