Playground Notes: The limitless fun of ignorance is unbeatable

Danny Schoenbaechler

This is just my fifth installment of what will hopefully be an illustrious career of column writing. It appears to be going well, because public reaction has been stupendous.

Most of all, my new-found friends from have shown me unfathomable support.

That is why I decided to honor them with a column of appreciation. Yes, it is early; but a belated thank you just wouldn’t be the same.

The Hilltopper Haven chatters, henceforth known as the Dannymaniacs, started talking last Tuesday.

I had written about how Western guard Antonio Haynes has filled in nicely for departed guard Patrick Sparks. There was also a line about Sparks’ move to the University of Kentucky being a promotion, but that was a minor aspect of the story. The promotion line stirred controversy about Kentucky historically being a better basketball school. Ignorance is awesome.

As expected, the Dannymaniacs loved it. By 9:34 Tuesday morning the praise started rolling in. One of my guys using the handle rideOrDieTop, initially turned the faucet.

He thought that I missed the point when comparing Haynes’ and Sparks’ defensive abilities. The steals per game stat didn’t suffice in rideOrDieTop’s opinion, so he politely wrote “How about defense numb-nutts?”

Good point, and thanks for the idea my loyal reader. My man also wrote some very flattering words of encouragement.

He wrote “WTF…WTMF’NF.”

I love codes. So I pulled out my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring which read: “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

Oops, wrong setting.

Here we go, it means: “You da man… Dannymaniacs forever.”

I love my guys. I mean, so much adulation in just three weeks. I was a little confused when Prime Rate wrote “This guy is a complete blithering idiot … feel free to burn him at the stake!”

Since I do prescribe to the “go big or go home” philosophy, I’d rather be a complete blithering idiot than half a blithering idiot.

My main man WKUalum was a little confused about where I’m from. “What planet is this guy from?” A bit of a strange question, but the answer is Earth. I was also a bit disturbed by your “Somebody take this guy out back and shoot’em,” comment. I believe the phrase you were looking for is “shower him with love,” but I won’t hold it against you.

Maybe the most impressive action from the Dannymaniacs came from Haven chatters Loganlink and Bigjeep.

Loganlink told everybody to send a formal letter to President Gary Ransdell and each one of the regents. Now that is a major show of affection. Bigjeep followed that up by writing “I bet Wood has already made contact with the punk.”

I’m not sure Bigjeep and I are close enough to be throwing the word “punk” around. It hurts, but I’m sure he didn’t mean it.

These Dannymaniacs really like me, or maybe I’m just sharing in their love of ignorance.

Danny Schoenbaechler is the Herald’s sports columnist and sports editor. Reach Danny at [email protected]