Crime reports


• A juvenile was arrested Wednesday for trafficking a controlled substance within 1,000 yards of a school and trafficking cocaine. The juvenile was being held in Warren County Juvenile Detention Center until a court date this month.


• Richard C. Larkin, McLean Hall, reported Thursday his parking permit worth $65 stolen from his 1992 Ford Explorer parked on the second floor of the parking structure.

• A female student, Barnes-Campbell Hall, reported Thursday receiving harassing phone calls.

• Chrisonia R. Thomas, Bemis Lawrence Hall, reported Wednesday her parking permit worth $65 stolen from her 1988 Honda Accord parked on Normal Drive next to her dorm.

• Donna M. Harmon, Links Court, reported Friday that her wallet and checkbook were stolen from her desk in Weatherby Administrative Building.

• Bradley O. Buckman, Northeast Hall, reported Friday damage to his drivers side window, and property worth $1,900 stolen from his 1991 Honda Accord on the sixth floor of the parking structure.

• Mary Beth Haydon, Chestnut Street, reported Friday her checkbook worth $21.60 stolen from her office in Cherry Hall.

• Jason A. Waters, Northeast Hall, reported Friday property stolen from his 1995 Chevrolet S-10. The passenger door and dashboard were damaged. The stolen property and damage totaled $2,250.