Jan 22 editorial

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The January 22nd editorial on internet fees for students raises good points concerning Western’s priorities and policies, but misses part of the problem.

Internet access on weekday afternoons is an enormous traffic jam. Access to Topnet, BlackBoard, and other sites crawls along at a snail’s pace. As the editorial acknowledges, student downloading of music and videos during this time period is the likely culprit.

The student-created traffic jam during faculty and staff work hours means inefficiency and frustration. Western’s workforce is being penalized by the usage choices of some students.

I think $12 a month a bit pricey for modem speeds, more than fair for the 45 “superhighway lanes” students would get with the proposal. I’m open to any solutions which solve the student-created traffic problem.

Don Dinkmeyer

Professor, Counseling and Student Affairs

(phone 270-781-9481–not for publication)